About ZJBH

ZJ Boarding House shop front 2012

Ever since our humble beginnings as a hole-in-the-wall surf shop back in 1988, ZJ Boarding House has been sharing its passion for Surfing and Skateboarding with the local Santa Monica community and beyond. As the store grew both physically and in inventory, the same levels of knowledge and passion were applied to skateboarding and Surfing. Our dedication to riding boards, customer service and product knowledge has only increased over the last 28+ years we have been in business. We pass on our stoke and knowledge to our customers and strive to assist them in making the best decisions for new gear based on their budget and skill levels.  We have a wide selection and cater to the whole family.  Our selection for Ladies and Grommets is the best in the area.

We carry all kinds of gear, clothing and accessories from best brand names the industry has to offer. Surfboards, Skateboards, Bodyboards and Softboards line the walls of our store. Our Billabong and RVCA sister stores next door carry all the latest gear from those brands and have a huge selection of the finest apparel.

ZJ Boarding House is located just a block and a half from the beach in Santa Monica, proving grounds for Southern California’s Surf & Skate culture. We Surf and Skate everyday and share the stoke of our experiences with all that visit ZJ Boarding House.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

Google 360° Tour

ZJ Boarding House Documentary short from Jody Mcnicholas



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