Design For Humanity 2012: buy tickets at ZJBH!

Design For Humanity is Billabong’s charitable initiative. It began as an opportunity for Billabong’s marketing, art, and design teams to come together and give back to a non-profit close to the heart of our industry.

Now in its 6th year, Design For Humanity has become an opportunity not only for Billabong but for retailers, athletes, celebrities, artists, and ultimately you. On a lit runway, inspired by art, screaming for a live band, Design For Humanity is one night of celebrating, motivated by a cause, presented in a way we know best. By attending this event or purchasing Design For Humanity product know that you have made a difference.

This year’s Design For Humanity event will benefit the Cultivate Foundation.

*We are now sold out of tickets!*

The Chipotle Cultivation Foundation

The Cultivate Foundation is a non profit that helps fund initiatives that improve family farms, support sustainable agriculture and youth culinary education.

The Cultivate Foundation is committed to creating a more sustainable and healthful food supply and to raising awareness concerning food issues. This is realized through the support of family farmers and their communities, educators and programs that teach younger generations about food matters, along with support for ranchers and farmers who are working to develop more sustainable practices.

Over the last several years, the Cultivate Foundation has contributed more than $2 million to help fund initiatives that support sustainable agriculture, family farming, culinary education, and innovation that promotes better food.

Let’s eat!

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