Haunted Heats 2015 Surf Contest Results


Here are the results from the contest.  Thank you to all our contestants, friends, sponsors and everyone who helped out!

Best overall:
Jamaican Bobsled Team – Andres Quiros, David Quiros, Mario Quiros & Toro Quiros (youngest contestant ever!)

Best Grom:
1st – Nikka Tehrani – Santa
2nd – Vienna Werner – Boxer
3rd – Ben Schaffer – German Tourist

Best Costume:
1st – David Nickerson – Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask)
2nd – Rich Mudge & Greg Delger – The Brobots from Brobotistan
3rd – Nicholas Oberlin – Caesar Augustus

Best Surfing:
1st – Erik Smith – Grease Lightning
2nd – Cooper Colby – Mad Scientist
3rd – Zoe Morgan – Ghostbusters

Dead Last – Jason Michael Dodd – Noah’s ArkHaunted Heats Halloween Surf Contest

Pictures of the contest can be found here:

Facebook Album 1 (account not needed)

Facebook Album 2 (account not needed)

Facebook Album 3 (account not needed)

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