Fall in love with surfing all over again with ‘Glass Love’ Sept. 25th


We’re dialing back the intensity for this month’s Night Sesh outdoor surf movies with a very soulful presentation of the 2006 surf film, ‘Glass Love’ by Andrew Kidman. Less air, more care; less brand, more hand.  This was a film we helped premier at the Laemmle 4 plex on 2nd street 9 years ago and we are pleased to show it again to a new audience.  Kidman’s work is personal and sincere and it speaks to the quiet soul of surfers, ocean lovers and craftsmen alike.

Here is the intention of the film, in the words of the director himself:

“In the film I wanted to feature the generational link and love of surfing that gets passed down through families, in particular through the Curren and Purchase families. The sons are surfers and their fathers are surfer/shapers. It was nice to peek in on a small part of their relationships and how surfing makes them special. This, and the continued experimentation with board design were the highlights for me in making this film.” ~ Andrew Kidman

Features: Pat Curren, Tom Curren, Wayne Lynch, MP, Rabbit, Skip Frye, Oscar Wright, Derek Hynd.
Animation by Mark Sutherland
Directed by Andrew Kidman
Soundtrack by Andrew Kidman

Take a glance at this soulful preview:

As always, Night Sesh is in full support of Boarding For Breast Cancer, the nonprofit organization that spreads awareness, health and prevention of breast cancer through board sports.  We will be holding a prize raffle after the movie, so bring some loose bills and support the cause.  We will be serving fresh popcorn and Vitacoco coconut water to all attendees until supplies last.

See you there!


Night Sesh Outdoor Surf Movies
Featuring:  Andrew Kidman’s ‘Glass Love’
Friday, Sept. 25th 8pm
The lawn of the California Heritage Museum
2612 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
(across the st. from ZJ Boarding House)