Game of S.K.A.T.E. Contest July 18th at Santa Monica Beach


Get your tricks lined up for a game of skate happening Friday, July 18th at 2pm.  We will be at the old Santa Monica sand gaps location (at the end of Ocean Park Blvd.) with two ledges set up.  There will be two custom ledges set up for grinds and slides.


Divisions are 15 & under and 16 & up, all are welcome.  Download your entry form here, or pick one up at the shop anytime. If you are under 18, make sure your folks sign it!

Don’t forget to come by the premier of the Gracias LA skate film premier later that night at 8pm.  We will have an outdoor movie set up across the street from the shop.  All are welcome!  More info here.

ZJ Game of Skate Contest
Friday, July 18th 2:00pm
End of Ocean Park Blvd. Near the beach