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There is no other wave in the world that has dominated the hearts and minds of surfers like Pipeline. For nearly fifty years, this frightening gift of nature has stood out as one of the most challenging and perfect waves on the planet. While first believed to be unconquerable, Pipeline soon became the wave by which all others would be judged. The history of tube riding itself, surfing’s holy grail, is largely woven through Pipe and Backdoor’s incredible history. Through two-hundred pages of captivating and timeless images from over fifty of the world’s best photographers, combined with words from surfing’s most renowned writers,The Pipeline: Deep Inside The World’s Most Respected Wave tells the stories from almost five decades of heart-stopping action: the first rides, the first contests, triumphs, deaths, localism, foreign invasion and performance revolutions. No surf break has given as much to the sport of surfing as Pipeline, and this book offers the photographs and tales that illustrate why Pipe’s standing is indisputable.

Authors include: Gerry Lopez, Jason Borte, Drew Kampion, Kimball Taylor, Nick Carroll, Steev Hawk, Sean Collins, and Marcus Sanders.

Photographers include: Jeff Divine, Tom Servais, Aaron Chang, Art Brewer, Chris Van Lennep, Hank, Sean Davey, Jeff Flindt, Rob Gilley, Scott Aichner, Don King, Brian Beilmann, Bruce Brown, John Severson, Ron Church, Leroy Grannis, Warren Bolster, and Steve Wilkings.