Happiness is coming to ZJ!

We are ‘happy’ to soon be carrying Spy Optic’s newest line of lenses, the “Happy Lens.” Like most sunglasses we carry, the happy lens blocks harmful waves by the sun.  But what it also does, is allow long-wave blue light to enter our eyes, which studies show increases happiness and most importantly: Stoke.  Light bulb and window companies have recently introduced products with the science of light therapy as part of their development.  Spy is the first eyewear brand to introduce such technology into shades, welcome!

Designed to “harmonize” with the body’s physiological preference for a specific color transmission, Happy Lens are optimized through the important long-wave blue light wavelengths— where the “uplifting” effects of blue (Happy) light are most prevalent. Long-wave blue light has been used in light therapy to help treat seasonal affective disorder for years. Research for sunlight’s relationship with our health has shown that visible long-wave blue light between 450 – 500 nanometers is a key regulator of circadian responses in humans. A healthy circadian rhythm needs exposure to this good long-wave blue (Happy) light range through the eyes (at 480 nm, specifically) during the day and should be avoided at night. As the human body is exposed to long-wave blue light, positive physiological changes occur— improved mood and alertness.

For those of you who like pictures, here is a great illustration on how Happy Lenses work!

We’re getting a few styles in come the first of February, check out what will be available.  Stay tuned for more info on these happy little shades once they arrive.