Make dad rad this father’s day!

Father, dad, pops, sir, duke, daddy-o, the old man, sarge, boss… call him what you will, we all have one and it’s that time of year again to show him your appreciation.

ZJ Boarding House is lucky enough to have two dads, Mikke and Todd, together since 1988…  kidding!  Our bosses are both happily married but the shop is unashamedly their love child… Thanks dads,  we wouldn’t be the upstanding, morally-upright citizen we are today without you.

Sweet tees, hats and mugs from Old Guys Rule.  Making old guys feel good about themselves since 2003.  The old guy can wear these when he fires up the grill, hops in his old hotrod or plays a few links on the course.

Is your dad way cool?  Pops can push too! Grab him a cruiser skateboard or longboard he can head to the beach with.  We have all kinds of stylish boards from Globe, Santa Cruz and Sector 9 fit for any kind of dad.

Sandals are a goto for any member of the family, but we all know most fathers are stuck in stiff leather dress shoes (unless their a pro-wrestler or something).  Help the poor guy kick back on the weekends with some Rainbow sandals that combine great comfort with a timeless style.

We’ve been waiting many moons to day this:  Hawaiian shirts are back!  We have some super cool prints from …Lost, Quiksilver and more!  You don’t need to be living on an island to put out the vibe, bruddah!

We have plenty of long & short sleeve button downs from brands like Billabong, Hurley & Volcom if dad isn’t into the whole “Hawaiian” thing.  Everything from casual to the semi-casual to down right slick!

Is your pops still rocking those neon green sideout shorts from 1988?  If so, get down here now and let us help you find the right style of boardshort for the 21st century!  We have far toom any boardshorts to choose from, so we guarantee you will leave satisfied!

You can always go the whole nine and pick up  something from our awesome selection of surfboards.  We have all types of boards and a great price range.

Still don’t know what to get him?  A ZJ Boarding House gift card will suffice nicely!  They can be used anytime, for any amount and never expire!

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