Meet & Greet with artist Andy Davis Sat. July 21st

Come on out to ZJ Boarding House on Saturday, July 21st at 12pm to meet surf artist Andy Davis. Andy has been making super groovy art for some time now and he recently has been designing his own line with Billabong. FREE signed posters for all and receive a FREE Andy Davis custom drawn trucker hat when you purchase any Andy Davis X Billabong collection or other Billabong product.  we have a great selection of Andy’s pieces in our ZJ/Billabong store.

This is what andy looks like, well kinda.  He’s a friendly chap and if you’re lucky, he might give you a wink.

Check out more of Andy’s work on his website,

Hope to see you all there!


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  21. auto insurance Troutman NC

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  22. look auto insurance Pittsfield MA

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