Night Sesh 10 Outdoor Movie Night feat. Volcom surf movies!

Don’t miss our next FREE movie night on Friday, Sept. 21st across the street from ZJ Boarding House at the California Heritage Museum lawn.  As usual, we will be popping some popcorn and handing out free drinks.  Bring a beach chair or a blanket and some friends, maybe some libations and enjoy yourself.

This time, we aren’t going so far back in time, only to 1998 for Volcom Stone’s groundbreaking ‘Magna Plasm’ featuring Bruce Irons slashing all over the world in places like Hawaii, Indonesia, Tahiti, California, Mexico, South Africa, OZ and more. It is truly a cinematic depiction of plasmatic destruction!  Surfers Gavin Beschen, Dave Post, Tai Vandyke and Shawn Barron also join BI in the pursuit of “magnanimous” surfing.  Here is a killer clip from ‘Magna Plasm':

After a raffle drawing in support of Stoked Mentoring, where attendants can win some great prizes, we are showing another Volcom surf movie.  This time, ‘Computer Body’ featuring the same group of malcontents as well as the magnificent Ozzie Wright ripping about. Shot in 16mm with an edgy feel, we proclaim the true character of life is measured by mess and noise.  You’ll have to see for yourself.

Stay tuned for more info on the raffle and we hope you can make it!

Friday, Sept. 21st at 7:30pm.  California Heritage Museum Lawn (Across the St. from ZJBH)

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