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Free lessons every Saturday with SUPLove!

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We just started carrying SUPLove paddle boards at the shop.  Beginning life as Sydney Australia’s first accredited Stand Up Paddle training company, SUPLove has become a community of people who are interested in keeping the sport of SUP as a social…
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Pennys from Heaven


Taste the rainbow, friends!  These little cruisers are all the rage from ages 1 to 99!  Penny skateboards have made a serious comeback in the past year. Buy them online here. Keep pushin’! Check out this video of the kind…
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Sean McNulty Has Wild Squirrel Power!


Check out our very own Sean McNulty pushing around for his new skate movie, ‘Wild Power‘.  The premier is Sunday May 13th.  Check out the site for more info.  Yeah, Sean!

Red Dot Sale


 SAVE $$$ ON GREAT BOARDS FROM …LOST, JS & CI! We’re making room for some new models, every board with a red dot is now $100 off.  Stay tuned for more info on discounted boards. We also have some top…
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