Surf Rental Rates


 Rental Type

 1/2 Day Rental

 Full Day Rental

 Softop/Foam Surfboards $20 $30
 PU/Epoxy Surfboards $30 $40
Bodyboards $15  $20
 Spring & Full Wetsuits $10  $15
  Swim Fins $5 $10

*Rentals are offered on a first come, first serve basis and no holds can be made.  Anyone under the age of 18 years will need the presence of a parent or guardian to provide consent to the rental.  A valid identification (driver’s license or passport preferably) and credit card are required to make a proper deposit on the rental boards.  Please be aware of surf conditions and risks before renting boards.


  1. Yutaka Fukazawa

    Hi, I’d like to rent PU/Epoxy surfboard at your shop, but is it possible to keep the surfboard one night? (Oct 10-11)
    I mean I want to surf at the early morning, like 6am-9am on Oct 11, but I realized you’ll open at 10am.
    So, I wonder if I could rent a board at the afternoon-evening the day before I surf.
    Ideally, around the full day cost of $40….

    I’m Japanese and used to surf in California 2001-2005 while I was UCSD student.
    I have chance to visit LA in this Oct and want to surf even just short time.
    Thank you.

  2. Andrew Rimmer

    Do you have a weekly rental rate??? I’m coming into town to visit a friend on 3rd st and I wanna surf all week

  3. Coral

    thanks guys!! im trying rellay hard to get back into youtube but it seems like i am always running, but i am filming my next board right now. Thnx again for watching, and stay warm!!

  4. andy

    hi there. can you do a decent rate for renting a longboard until the 26th. I usually go in the am for a couple of hours and the surf looks small this week. do you have a decent 8-9ft board/ changeable option?


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