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This holiday season you can choose from a huge selection of skateboards, clothing, DVDs, accessories and more on our online skate shop, We carry boards from top brands like Girl, Alien Workshop, Chocolate, ZERO, Mystery and more, plus all the wheels, trucks, accessories and everything else skate related. You can set up your own custom complete board or choose from a long list of prebuilt completes from a ton of brands.  ZJBH is your source for everything shred!  The skater on your gift list will be stoked!


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Set up a custom complete skateboard from wheels to grip tape! Our site features suggested product in each category to help you make the best selection for yourself or those on your gift list.  We are always ready to give assistance to you via email or phone.  Our skate specialists will also review orders to make sure you don’t buy components that don’t fit the board.

ZJ Boarding House online skate shop

*All orders usually ship out within 48 hours of order.  All inventory is separate from inventory at Santa Monica location.



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