Surf With Hurley Pros at ‘Rip My Shred Stick’ in Santa Monica

On Saturday, May 18th, Hurley and ZJ Boarding House will be putting on the second ‘Rip My Shred Stick’ event in Santa Monica.  It’s another great opportunity Hurley offers young surfers in the area to gain experience and have fun with professional athletes.  Two years ago, we helped put on the event and it we could see how big a boost it was for the groms involved.  The surfing “contest” will be followed by a BBQ at ZJ Boarding House and then a special presentation of the event itself later on in the evening.  You can see you or your kids hitting the lip with the Hurley pros that very morning!  First 75 kids to sign up are in… sign up here and drop off the app and waiver at the shop!

Check out this video from the last time RMSS pulled into town in 2011.  Lots of great moves and even the first ever triple board ride! :

Check out the results from the last time Rip My Shred Stick came in to town here.