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After Christmas Sale Dec. 26th – Jan 4th


We hope everyone’s holiday season is going swimmingly, spent with friends and family.  After Christmas day, we will be holding some end of the year sales on wetsuits, clothing, footwear and our ZJ/Billabong store will be BUY ONE GET ONE…
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…Lost’s Exacta Line Now At ZJBH, Ride What the Pros Ride!


…Lost surfboards just finished the first of the limited edition, signed, numbered “Exacta” models for 2014. Each of these boards feature the exact dimensions and design that these individual surfers rode to notoriety in events around the world and ride…
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…Lost’s New ‘Weekend Warrior’ in Stock


The Weekend Warrior is the latest greatest Domesticated model from…Lost Surfboards. It came about after a couple months of shaper Matt Biolos riding the new V2-Shortboards. When the surf got tiny he did not want to go back to the radically different…
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