The World is SUPER at ZJ • Surfboard Collection 2016

SUPERbrand’s Shapers’ Collective is a team of shapers and designers collaborating to produce the most innovative surfboards with and for the most progressive surfers on the planet. Regionally specialized shapers in nearly every region of the world provide the SUPERbrand team and customers a wide variety of shortboards. Why? It all comes from a desire to share knowledge and ideas for the greater good of their team and our customers. Shapers all over the world collaborate with SUPERbrand team riders and customers, offering the variety and regional expertise that’s so important to surfboard riding.  Check out some of the models we stock.

The BURNSIDE is the high performance shortboard that started it all at SUPERbrand. Re-envisioned by Shapers Collective leader, Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher, the Burnside is built on the foundation of the original Burnside and adds in all the best elements of our other legacy shortboards to bring you an ideal all around shortboard for those who demand the highest performance in everyday to good surf.

• Balanced performance outline
• Moderate continuous rocker
• Single to slight double concave
• Medium, soft rails
• Tri fin
• Squash or round tail

• • • • •


The MAD CAT is Clay Marzo’s signature model. The maddest cat, this board features all the elements that allow him to go HAM on just about everything from waist high slop to double overhead perfection, from deep pits to mind bending rotations. With extra width in the nose for paddling power and nose pick recoveries, full, boxy rails to match his power, and a pulled in, rounded square tail to keep things quick and tight, the Mad Cat is Clay’s ideal sled and will most likely be yours. All the features that make this board perfect for Clay’s mad, raw style also make it forgiving, easy to paddle, and ultra smooth in rail-to-rail transitions.

• Wider forward outline, pulled in via hip in the tail
• High Performance rocker
• Single to pronounced double concave
• Tri Fin | Rounded Square Tail

• • • • •


Concerned about having too many shapes to ride—some for airs, some for turns—Dion Agius sought a simple solution: The SIAMESE PALM VIPER. After working closely with Dion on testing and developing, the final SPV is the best of both worlds: while remaining smooth and clean for turns and rail work, it won’t hold you back while blasting airs. *2014 SIMA Image Awards ‘Surfboard of the Year’ Nominee! 

• Curvy outline with wider center and subtly pulled in nose and tail
• Medium rocker with extra flip off the tail
• Single to double concave with slight V off the tail
• Tri fin
• Ride 3-4 inches shorter and at the same volume as usual board
• Squash tail

• • • • •


Initially created as a small wave groveler, the TOY morphed into a high performance yet user-friendly model. Low rocker and a wider outline make for great paddling power and a subtle single to double concave creates drive through sections. As well, soft, forgiving rails make it a great board for intermediate surfers looking to step up their shred game or for advanced surfers looking for a little give in critical situations.

• Wider, fuller outline than a normal shortboard
• Low rocker throughout
• Single to double concave
• Tri fin or five fin box setup
• Squash, swallow tail, or round tail
• Ride 1-3 inches shorter and half-inch wider than a normal shortboard

 • • • • •


Built for speed and agility, the UNIT is a small wave assault weapon. With a curvy outline and a rocker and concave combo built for speed, the Unit delivers an exceptional balance of drive and control in the pocket, on the face, and off the lip. A bit of extra width in the nose provides for added paddling power, too.

• Wide, curvy outline
• Low continuous rocker
• Single to double concave
• 5 plug Tri/Quad option fin set up
• Ride 4-6″ shorter than your standard shortboard and at or around your optimal volume

• • • • •


Designed as a shorter and more modern/high performance take on the keel fin fish, it has all the grooviness of the throwbacks with none of the weird oldness. It’s young, rad, and classy all at the same time. Crazy fast down the line, lots of lift, smooth and tight through carves, and progressive in the pocket. It’s versatile: it can be surfed assertively off the tail, or with light feet for those that love airs.

• Wide, fishy outline
• Low modern rocker
• Single to double concave to V off the tail
• Designed as a quad but available as a 5 fin
• SUPER wide rounded diamond tail
• Ride 6-8″ shorter and the same volume as your favorite board

• • • •
Please inquire about available sizes & special orders by calling 310•392•5646