Track Every Wave, Every Cutback, Every Air & a Whole Lot More


Trace welcomes you to the future of tracking your surfing and snowboarding performance.  Innovative technology paired with GoPros and smart phones to track your speed, distance, vert, cutbacks, air height, and a whole lot more.  Just mount it to your board, turn it on and GO SURF! With a 10 hour battery life, Trace gives you 5 surf sessions before needing a recharge.

Here are some of the basics that Trace does in the water: 

• GPS Mapping
• Wave Count
• Speed (Max. & Avg)
• Length of Ride
• Paddle Distance
• Calories Burned

And the AMAZING things it can do:

• Number of Turns
• Cutback Angle, Roll, & Pitch
• Air Height, Distance, & Time (currently, Air Reverses only)
• Heatmapping (where you went the fastest/slowest on the wave)

You now have the ability to see multi-variable data from every wave on your device.  You can see where you picked up the most speed, how high your airs were, how long you took it in and lots of more stats!

TraceSmartphoneEven better, you can sync your GoPro camera to have your data streamed on any video you capture.  This is Taking video is the easy part. Editing it is tough.
Upload it to our Dropbox app and Trace will automatically:

• Cut out all your waves
• Color correct the footage
• Add your stats
• Compile your waves onto your own Trace Video page
TraceGoProCheck out surfer Connor Coffin surfing at the Oakley Lowers Pro while Trace tracks his rides live.

Snowboarders, check out everything Trace can do for your snowboarding here.


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