Looking for a Winter Wetsuit? ZJ Will Warm You Up!


This Summer we saw some record high ocean temps throughout Southern California and beyond.  Yellowtail and Hammerhead sharks were making their way deep into the waters off our shore and nobody was even thinking about neoprene.  A few months later (November!) and temperatures are finally dropping into the mid 60s as we approach winter.  We want to keep you comfy in that big El Nino swell.

The ZJ wetsuit department is fully stocked with tons of fullsuits in 3/2 & 4/3 along with some short sleeve fulls and spring suits (2mm) for the more durable individuals.  We have every size out there for men, women and kids and we even have select suits at 40% off, just ask!

Check out some select suits we have to keep you comfy in the lineup

Men’s WetsuitsWomen’s Wetsuits