Xcel Wetsuits Excel At Keeping You Warm, Surfing

Hurricane season is over and now the Northern swells will start rolling in with more ferocity.  This means bigger waves but colder water.  Much colder! Are you still surfing with that 3/2 with the hole in the crotch?  We got your back!  ZJBH is loaded with wetsuits (as always) and they’re all new and top of the line.  We pride ourselves on our selection that can accommodate any surfer or ocean enthusiast.
Check out our selection of brand new 2014 Xcel wetsuits for men and women (we’re even carrying kids suits too!).  Known for their durability, warmth and performance, Xcel’s current line is techier than a bag of golf clubs!  Have a look and give us a call (310.392.5646) to see if we have your size.

Xcel made their best even better. Trusted to deliver the most advanced levels of performance, the all-new Drylock features all-new TD3 Th3rmoDry – the ultimate neoprene, their warmest, lightest, and driest system yet – and FusionWeld seams for a virtually stitch-free, watertight construction. A waterproof zipper plus exclusive warmth, stretch, and fit innovations make the Drylock a must-have for surfers seeking only the best.

Xcel’s latest fullsuit series, this Revolt features TD3 Th3rmoDry, Airprene that traps body heat in the chest panel and fully pressure bonded and taped seams for even more warmth. With exclusive material and seam innovations, the Revolt delivers amazing performance, warmth, and stretch.

With a watertight front entry system and ultra-premium materials and seams, including new Quick Dry Lining, upper body Fusion Seam Technology, and 100% UltraStretch neoprene, the Infiniti X2 delivers warmth and stretch on the colder days. Featuring the front entry X2 system, the sealed right shoulder and SmoothSkin hem seal on the left keeps water out. A great deal for the amount of stretch and warmth you get.

The Infinity series is also available for women in a chest and back zip model, as well as for youth.