ZJ Team Rider Frankie Seely



Welcome Malibu native Frankie Seely to the ZJ surf team!  With a 2014 WSA championship and NSSA West Coast Explorer championship under her belt, we are honored to have a surfer and a person like Frankie representing our shop.  Stoked to have you on board, girl!  We got a chance to talk with Frankie about herself.  Check out the convo below and her accolades here.


Years surfing: “I have been long boarding since I was two years old.  My dad used to push me into waves.  When I was 13, I picked up shortboarding.”

Sponsors: Billabong, Aloha Steak House, Roberts Surfboards, Hobie Polarized, DRD4 Fins, Slipins Surf Skins, ZJBH, Shade Sunscreen, Green Energy Drink

Favorite Break: “El Salvador is my favorite place to surf because of the perfect right hand point breaks.  There’s usually only a handful of people out, the waves are usually overhead and the water is warm and blue.  The locals are so great there!”


Favorite food before a surf?: “Acai Bowl and some coconut water.”

Hero: “Nelson Mandela”

Theme Song: “Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads”

When she’s not surfing: “Yoga, painting, singing, and cooking”

Why she surfs: “I love it! Nothing feels better than hitting the lip or getting a perfect 10.”


Something else fun about you: I’m a huge fan of horror movies.

What does it mean for you to ‘Surf Like a Girl?’ “Throwing buckets, surfing with power, speed, and flow.

Words to live by:  “Well behaved women rarely make history,” “Live your dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs.”