ZJBH welcomes DHD surfboards to the fold!

DHD (Darren Handley Designs) Surfboards are ridden by Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, ’nuff said!  Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Darren Handley is considered one of the best shapers in the world; shaping responsive boards for one of the worlds best stretches of shoreline for surfing.  DH has sustained his passion for shaping and producing boards that surfers feel amazing riding.  With a production facility in San Diego, DHD has brought some of the innovation and craftsmanship from the Gold Coast to the states.  Check out some of the boards we are offering:

The Double Shot

The Double Shot was created out of increased demand for a board that enabled surfers to shred in waves  which would normally not be deemed surfable (typical Santa Monica). The widened nose and tail area combined with a super fast flat rocker allows you to punch through dead sections and maintain drive in waves that are not forthcoming in the power department. Also adding to the Double Shots engine room is a Single entry to Deep double concave extending all the way through to a slight touch of vee out the tail. This concave which is found in many of DH’s small wave models creates increased drive and smoother rail to rail transition most needed in small gutless waves. The rail setup also compliments this models small wave features with a medium – boxy profile creating forgiveness and versatility.

Sized down between 3-5 inches off your normal short board, the Double Shot will get you turning a tighter arc, drawing new lines and hitting sections that you never thought were makeable! More info

The Monster

The Monster very quickly developed itself into a classic design & continues to perform well in a wide range of conditions from small to larger surf. With the thrusters/quad set-up you can ride it as a quad for quick rail to rail release in small surf and as a thruster once it gets a little bigger. With all the hidden foam one can ride it really short and really throw it around; aerials anyone? The rolled deck makes it really easy to roll it on rail and the wider nose makes it easy to paddle into waves. This model is a great option for surfers looking for a versatile board that can perform in small to larger waves. Suitable for all surfers, if you are experienced go short and feel the life come into the design.


Project 15

Project 15 has been the best selling board for DHD the last 3 years. It generates so much speed and performs well in the air and in a variety of wave sizes. Recent adjustments include increased nose width for easier paddle and extra landing room for airs, increased concave for boosted speed and a tighter tail for more powerful conditions. The Project 15 is a versatile performance model that can be ridden by all surfers. A junior version is also available, as it is such a great board for groms who want to be able to surf all conditions and get some serious airtime. There is also the Pro version, which has a lighter glass job and is a little narrower and thinner.


The Scalpel

The new Scalpel is a result of DH’s travels to the United States. As predicted, DH was surfing small to med size waves that were super glassy and lacking in power that reminded him a lot of the Australian Summer conditions (ha!). Designed as a thruster/quad set up; it absolutely flies as a quad. The flyer/diamond tail combination creates the balance of hold and looseness. The straighter plan shape and flat rocker generates heaps of speed. Medium low rail allows for easy rail to rail transition for maneuverability. The wider nose generates plenty of paddle power and upfront speed on takeoff. This model is a real surprise packet for surfers looking for spark on those smaller flatter wave days.


Sweet Spot

This model has been a surprise packet for Mick and DH, with Mick in the bay shaping it himself. Basically they were trying something new for Snapper that would allow Mick to just push it to the extreme in the pocket and it worked. Mick has tested around the globe a little having a lot of success at P-Pass. The plan shape allows for hiding of foam under the chest and lets Mick ride it shorter than his usual performance board. Combining that length, foam and tight pulled round tail creates a fast and dynamic combination in the pocket. It paddles into waves early and is packed full of speed. Mick is always talking of how well it just turns on a dime, under pressure right in the sweet spot of the wave.