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  1. Micheal Dinner

    Do you guys do board trades?

  2. Eric

    Hello. Looking to rent an Epoxy longboard 9 feet or above. Is that something that you carry?

  3. Andy

    What surfboards do you have for rental in the 6’6″ to 7’6″ range? I typically surf a 7’2″ funshape PU (CI Waterhog) and a 6’0″ groveler. I’ll be in town for Labor Day weekend. Thanks!

  4. zjboardinghouse (Post author)

    Hey Rachelle,

    The water in October is still pretty nice. A 3/2 should be fine. As far as boards for rent go, we have 8ft and 9th soft-tops. In epoxy, we have an 8’4 and a 9’0, both longboards from Santa Cruz.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 310.392.5646
    or email us at

  5. Rachelle


    I am going to be visiting the area in early October from Toronto, ON – Canada.

    Just had a few questions about your rentals… What sizes of PU/Epoxy boards do you have? I’m looking for something between 7-8 ft. I currently ride an 8’2″ for lake surfing in Canada and am 5’6″ about 130lbs.

    Also, I have never surfed Venice/Santa Monica in October so I’m wondering what the temp of the water is like. Should I bring a 3.2mm or 5.6mm wetsuit?


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